the crime comes last of all

an exercise in blurring the truth.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

in a house by the tracks, i want, i want you back.

Her favourite is Fourth of July. She loves the fireworks. They're only watched properly, she feels, if it's very late at night so the sky is black and her eyes are blurry with sleep. The colours will all blend together that way, and that plus the tiredness plus the noise - it's also important that they're very loud - plus her laying back on the grass makes her brain swim and her eyes put little coloured halos around everything. All this, plus her head's resting on a very special lap and that makes her feel all warm and squishy inside. There's a giant one just went off, all glittery and purple that puts a silly smile on her face and a giggle in her throat just so.

She loves loves loves lip gloss. It's about sensation, but in a strange way it's not. Everything's out of control, searching for friction and grip where there's only shimmery, strawberry flavouring.

Hawksley Workman - Striptease